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We have recently learned that CA Ventures has purchased the property on Lincoln just south of Fred Meyer.  They purchased both the sites — the one originally targeted for student development next to Fred’s as well as the one further south which was targeted for general apartment housing.

Under the original approval, there were a total of 391 dwelling units (216 – Campus Crest, 175 – Stebner).  We have been told by the Planning Department that the new developers (CA Ventures) will be submitting new plans.  Once this material is submitted, we will have a better understanding of their intentions and what public processes (e.g., neighborhood meetings, public notifications, etc.) may be needed.

We are aware of the concerns expressed by the surrounding residents, and it appears there may be actually less overall development of the area than previously planned.  However, we won’t know for sure until plans are submitted.

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Gaythia here.  Yesterday, I stopped by Carl Cozier and had a nice conversation with the principal there.  This was an interesting experience in that I was greeted at the entrance by bilingual English/Spanish welcome to our school signs and the school clearly has a large Hispanic student population.  Eric Paige, the principal expressed interest in attending our meetings and would like to be on our notification list.  He is interested in creating interest in volunteering and other support for the schools.  In my opinion, we as the Puget Neighborhood Association need to make better connection with the young families with children in our neighborhood.

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I’m trying to get clarification on traffic concerns residents of Lakeway Mobile Home Estates have expressed.  Right now, there is a dedicated left turn lane for the new development.  I continue to ask for detailed maps of these intersections.

We did hear at our last neighborhood meeting that there is a tile drain on the development side that needs to be replaced as part of the development, and that this should reduce the flooding on Lincoln Street.