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Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Our next meeting will include the 2-hour dispute resolution workshop: “Comfort with Conflict”; presented by the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center.  The workshop is supported by a Project Neighborly Grant from the Whatcom Community Foundation.  The workshop’s goal is to “equip residents of Bellingham with the tools to engage each other, handle difficult conversations, and build a sense of neighborly connection.”  It was offered to up to 10 neighborhood associations, and Puget neighbors expressed some interest in a workshop for Puget.  Our usual pizza social period will start at 6:00 p.m., but we will also make any announcements and have any of the usual business reports during the 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. time period. The workshop will start at 6:30 p.m. to help assure it doesn’t run too late in the evening.  Come join us!

National Night Out Social

We held our first National Night Out neighborhood social on August 7, 2018 outside Carl Cozier Elementary School.  We thank Carl Cozier School for providing the facilities, and Papa Murphy’s Pizza for the pizzas that were provided !

Approximately 40-45 people attended during the 2 hour social, including several kids enjoying the “Bouncy House”, badminton, and the school playground.  Some folks were just picking up kids at a kids’ summer program at Cozier, and just stayed to chat for a few minutes, enjoy a cookie or slice of pizza, and to let the kids bounce in the Bouncy House.  Several people brought wonderful treats to share.  Members of the Bellingham Police Department joined us to talk about a variety of topics, answer questions, and to just chat.  Members of the Bellingham Fire Department came with one of their trucks and gave tours and talks about their fire equipment.

People seem to enjoy, and we would like to plan for a repeat social next year!   If you have any feedback on this year’s social, and ideas for next year’s, let us know !  Think about volunteering to help next year !

Holiday Safety

Preventing Vehicle Prowls

Lydia Place                                                                      

Lydia Place has been a part of the Puget Sound Neighborhood and key partner in our community’s effort to end homelessness for individuals and families here in Whatcom County for over 25 years. Essential Lydia Place services and programs help to provide housing, case management, life skills, parent support programs, positive childhood outcomes and advocacy for over 250 families annually.

To learn more about Lydia Place, volunteer or donate visit or call 360-671-7663.

 The Puget Neighborhood Association is pleased to provide this information about Lydia Place, and invite our Puget Neighbors to explore their web site to learn more about Lydia Place services and programs.  


Campus Community Coalition          

One focus area of the Campus Community Coalition is in promoting communication, information-sharing and problem solving between students attending a college or university in Whatcom County, and the community they live in. The CCC provides education to students about being a good neighbor, a good citizen, and a responsible patron of downtown businesses. The CCC also helps neighborhoods and organizations effectively reach out to students to engage them in civic and community life. The Campus Community Coalition values shared understanding and respectful dialogue, and has a high commitment to building positive community life for everyone.

For more information, contact:                  Carmen Rasmussen, Campus Community Coalition Coordinator

Email –, Phone – 360.650.6863

Also, see more on facebook at:;
or on the Western Washington University website at:

The Puget Neighborhood Association is pleased to provide this information about the Campus Community Coalition, and invite our Puget Neighbors to explore their web site to learn more about the Coalition.


There is a free social website called Nextdoor that many Bellingham neighborhoods are using to enhance communications between neighbors.  It’s a great way to share information about local concerns (e.g., car prowls), lost pets, etc.  Our neighborhood police officers use Next Door to post alerts, answer questions, and receive non-emergency messages.  Read more about Nextdoor here.