The Puget Neighborhood Board is comprised of a group of no less than 7 volunteers who agree to facilitate the goals of the Puget Neighborhood Association for a term of one year.  Board members are elected by neighbors attending the February General meeting.

Here is the list of current board members, with their current e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.  You can also contact any of the board members with questions, comments, or ideas on which you think the neighborhood should be focusing at:

Puget Neighborhood Association Board of Directors

Douglas Gustafson
(360) 224-3727

Vice President:
Tamera K.(Hanson)
(369) 319-3456

Terri Marshal

Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee (MNAC) Represenative:
Kevin Jenkins,,(360) 714-8123

Board Member:
David Sparman

Board Member:
Steve James