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Lincoln Street Development — 8 Comments

  1. Can I get an update to the development that is going on near Fred Meyers on Lincoln St? Would like to know how to find out what businesses will be in the student housing area. Also, I have heard that the Lakeway Mobile home Estate might be redeveloped for future housing, have you heard anything about future development for the park?

  2. Gaythia recently picked up some news about the company building the student-purposed housing on Lincoln Street. Basically, their CEO was fired, and their strategic repositioning strategy is:

    1. Simplify business model by discontinuing all construction and development
    2. Identify cost savings at the property and corporate level
    3. Reduce JV exposure
    4. Explore strategic options for Montreal projects
    5. Put development pipeline assets on the block.

    This would seem to indicate that the student housing part of the Lincoln Street Development projects are at least on hold for now. Gaythia has not heard any confirmation from the city, and there is no news to report about the non-student apartment development project. We will keep you updated if we get any more information.

  3. i am in favor of this building porject, it will allow western students more housing, decrease the ever present pressure to build into out lying areas,and add more people who can express a voice in this neighborhood association.

    note: when one lives in a city, one can expect traffic

    i would appreciate information of how to support the builders in their quest.

    • One understands that Bellingham is a small city and is a good of young and old. But when you mix young, active, party college students next to a senior community I can see the concerns of traffic and freeway noise. Plus you have many seniors walking, crossing Lincoln St or driving to go to Fred Meyers. Then you enter the young who drive fast, feel fearless, party, I understand their concern over safety, especially if they have lived in the area for a long time. The traffic has increased and I have seen where accidents have come very close. Then there are the little ones who walk to school and cross over Lakeway Blvd. whole Foods has added to the increase of traffic concerns coming out of parking lot there next to the park. People trying to cross over Lincoln to get to Fred Meyers from both directions. Just curious if this being looked at.

  4. Recently, residents of the Lakeway Mobile Home Estates delivered 4 letters and made comments during the public comment session at the June 23 City Council meeting. They are voicing safety concerns for the 300 park residents who will have to cope with increased traffic. Residents want to understand how increased traffic will affect getting in and out of the park, affect walkers and bus riders along Lincoln, and make the already unsafe crosswalk even more dangerous. They are also concerned that the flooding at the north end of the park will get worse with the removal of trees and paving over open spaces.

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